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The question comes up often: what does ‘digital’ mean now? Doesn’t most of our engagement and influence happen online now? While digital is certainly a given, what this looks like is constantly being readjusted. Here are areas that are likely to undergo notable shifts this year.

New rules to an old game – clear guidance that’s intended to keep consumers from being misled about what is — and isn’t — paid content, an advert or editorial.

AV Explosion – The lure of podcasts – because Brands need to consider this format if they want to reach a busy audience

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The Global Platform Wars- Twitter is likely to abandon its 140-character for 10,000. And new social platforms incorporating more services direction into their applications, which means consumers could spend an entire day using a single app platform.

Social Networking In The Office – Facebook at Work was recently piloted. It has the potential to reduce email traffic, create a better environment for engaging with employees and allow instant feedback with some of the classic Facebook functionality such as ‘like’ and ‘polls.

An ‘app a day – Despite privacy concerns, people are willing to exchange personal data for insights about their lives because there are tons of opportunities for engaging content that can not only entertain, but make the world a better place.

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In the corporate arena, social media marketing budgets are set to double in the next five years. Google’s lead in internet searching should face some much-needed competition from Facebook, once they introduce their own search engine, with significant implications for online advertising. With the ‘buy’ button set to sit alongside the ‘like’ button, Facebook looks set to spread its influence in coming years. Following on from Twitter, Facebook and Vine, Snapchat could also graduate to a more serious footing as a marketing tool, particularly among the younger generation, who were the first to desert Facebook in favour of Snapchat for communication, the video-sharing app could finally realise its potential as a marketing tool.

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Significant changes in the way smaller companies, run from a laptop, can store, exchange and communicate mean that they have as much opportunity to wield influence as giant corporations.

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Deconstructing urgent vs. important
A six-year-old who throws a tantrum and refuses to go to school is escalating into the urgent.

Going to school every day is important.

Important means: long-term, foundational, coherent, in the interest of many, strategic, efficient, positive…

If you take care of important things, the urgent things don’t show up as often. The opposite is never true.

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