About the company

Unwembi Communications (Pty) Ltd is a leading, digital development and communications house based in South Africa with a unique style and work ethic.

Established in 1997, Unwembi has almost two decades of experience in the challenging and exciting digital arena. We enjoy the digital world. We live, breath and thrive in the digital market-place.

Our approach has been strongly influenced by our founding heritage, one that we are especially proud of. Established at a time of great change in our country, combined with the adoption of the World Wide Web, the centre of our attention has been, and still remains, to help our clients clearly define what they want to communicate, to whom and how, in the digital medium.

Our extensive portfolio of clients spans the public and private sectors, and it includes large government agencies, SMEs and JSE listed companies.

With regional offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, the Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape, we have a South Africa-wide geographical focus. We are now expanding into Southern Africa.

Building Africa’s Digital Future

The Digital Age constantly advances to show, communicate and market our planet, products and people. Ideally, for our collective prosperity. As Africans, we constantly see this influence as these advancements help tackle the global digital divide and improve lives on our continent.

We specialise in digital communication, marketing and multimedia solutions powered by interactive technology that engage and excite our clients.

We are inspired to provide creative, effective digital answers, built for Africa, that are relevant and provide meaningful results for our customers by electrifying and engaging their customers and stakeholders.