Magnum Cream Liqueur™ is a luxurious cream liqueur created from a blend of the finest vatted Highland Scotch Whisky and real Dutch cream.

The Brief

We inherited a website that did not reflect the quality of the alcoholic beverage and did not appeal to targeted consumers. The client needed a visually appealing site that was offered in multi languages, support for their key markets and ongoing statics and advice on how to grow the website presence.

What Unwembi Did

The solution was to redevelop the website to better position the brand with its quality “look, see and enjoy” appeal. We were tasked to support the company’s strategy to expand the product’s platform from a regional brand to a global brand.

What ensued was a multi-layered website to announce the launch of Magnum Cream Liqueur to the world. This visual feast entailed exclusive shots, graphics and content especially tailor-made for the website.


The outcome has been mega for Magnum. The website is multi-lingual informative and fun. This captivating website fulfils the business objectives of the product distribution in South America, the USA and West Africa.

Magnum Cream Liquer has won the 2014 GOLD MEDAL Cream Liqueur award, Whisky Distiller of the year 2015 award and the 2015 SIP Awards.

“We needed to promote our product into the global market so required a creative design coupled with a back-end that could support multi-regions and market research requirements. Unwembi made this happen for us and continues to assist us in a highly professional manner”

Stuart Truter – Brand Director Magnum Cream Liqueur