The Brief

Virtual Concierge Services World Wide (VSCWW) was a small business, which has been running for a while but needed to take the next step in its growth. They approached Unwembi to help define what their brand needed to say to whom and how in the digital space and then develop the digital assets to get the business seen.

What Unwembi Did

The brand was redone to reflect the services and value that VSCWW offers. A new website was developed to promote their core services and allow visitors easy access to all the relevant information and sign up to the services they offer. All the relevant content of the business was redeveloped to promote Search Engine Optimisation for the site plus provide accurate information to all potential clients.


The contrast between the old and new image of the business is vast. The new image has allowed the business to move forward significantly in a short space of time. Unwembi was so confident that the new messaging and delivery would work that the project was done on shared risk and reward basis.