About the project (SA-Tenders) is a wholly owned Unwembi Communications website. It is our brainchild!

SA-Tenders is widely regarded as the primary resource for those seeking to obtain access to online tender notices in South Africa free of charge. We created SA-Tenders to meet a major market need and provide a valued service, which is our aim for all our clients.

The South African business market can review online, per industry sector, tender notices relevant to their business. It saves businesses an inordinate amount of time and money by streamlining the tender notices into particular industry categories.

It is managed, updated and administered by the same group of people who conceptualised, designed and developed the website in 2006.

In latter years, we devised an extension to our model: for a highly competitive rate we provide an automated service to clients on a quarterly and 12 month basis by sending notification of those tenders pertinent to each subscriber’s business. So we do the laborious work for our clients which often means the difference to our clients being able to complete a tight tender deadline, or not.

We link all the Unwembi solutions provided to this integrated website and this is hosted in the Unwembi secure redundant environment.

SA-Tenders – an Unwembi website

This website, created by Unwembi, was the first of its kind in SA. Unwembi Communications is the founder and sole owner of the popular tender resource website: It was the brainchild of Unwembi management almost 20 years ago. With this IP, we have diversified its client offering.

It offers a two-pronged service approach in the tenders sector in SA. Unwembi has sought to empower the small business owner who struggles to pay the costs normally charged by tender related websites. The tenders are published by industry and government and often the deadlines are tight. SA-Tenders seeks to save the small business owner time and money by providing this service free of charge.