Our Key Services


Web Services

Nowadays, having a website is almost de facto, whether you are a small business or a large public entity. Unwembi removes the hassle factor from the website back-end specialised and time-consuming endeavours. We make sure the administration, development, optimisation and maintenance is all completed seamlessly, allowing you to focus on business while we ensure you optimise your digital assets.


Creative Design

The digital world is packed with opportunities to be creative. Technology is constantly driving different ways in which content can be represented. No matter how much this landscape continues to move forward, we create designs that inspire and are relevant. Our design team can design something as small as a business card all the way to crafting and executing material for a national brand rollout.

We have a long history in desktop production. Many of our clients utilise us to develop their print material designs, which we leverage when developing their digital content, and thereby significantly reducing their overheads.


Social Media

Social media is firmly embedded in our culture. It continues to change the way in which we communicate. Done correctly, it can be an enormous asset. At Unwembi, we focus on providing a full turn-key service. This stems from setup to monitoring; thereby ensuring our clients occupy a meaningful presence in the social media landscape and not just incurring unnecessary overheads.


Application Development & Management

Mobile applications can be seen as the new Web infrastructure of the mobile era. Technology has allowed these applications to be offered by all types of organisations and even individuals. Unwembi’s dedicated application development team provides the relevant skills and insight to ensure our customer’s applications deliver on their intent and complement their overall digital strategy.

In addition, Unwembi continues to offer bespoke application development and management focused on content management systems and email.


Content Creation

Content is the fuel that drives the digital world and if it runs out or becomes stale, this world does not operate efficiently. Unwembi provides a comprehensive content creation service utilising our in-house team and specialised ecosystem partners. This ensures our customers are given the right content, regardless of language or format.



Unwembi has a full suite of specialist services based around branding from brand creation, to brand building and then to evaluating your brand. We often find that a physical brand needs to develop its digital personality. We work closely with organisations to ensure their brand is represented correctly in the digital world.